Demonstrations in favor of the end of speciesism have been held for years in the month of November, framed in the celebration of the International Day of Veganism.

The search for a society where animals are not discriminated, or non-speciesist, requires more effort than simply ceasing to participate in their exploitation, as veganism proposes. It is necessary above all to take an active part in the defense of animals.

This position against the discrimination that animals suffer because they belong to a certain species is what is known as anti-speciesism.

In the year 2022 the Antispeciesist Assembly of Madrid organized this march, also demanding the closure of Vivotecnia, an animal experimentation laboratory of which terrible images came to light thanks to the undercover activist Carlota Saorsa.

Despite being immersed in a judicial process, to this day this place continues its activities, while the popular clamor demands its closure and the rescue of the animals.

The antispeciesist demonstrations also seek a union between the people who constitute the animal rights movement, giving rise to a meeting in which intersectionality with other struggles and the presence and tribute to those who have given their lives for the antispeciesist struggle, are present.

We are in a socio-political moment in which individualism is rewarded to weaken the collective, thus causing social movements to lose strength. For this reason, it is essential to strengthen collaborative work and recover our spaces and actions towards the end of speciesism.

Let's fight until the end of speciesism!

This report is the result of the teamwork of Xiana Castro, Sofía Dumat, Naiara Sánchez, Ruth Montiel Arias and Carlota Saorsa.

Published in November 2022

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