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We are an association that, through images and information, aims to generate a change in the collective conscience regarding our relationship with other animals and the discrimination they suffer due to speciesism. 

Using our own audiovisual works, and those of other photographers, photojournalists and videographers, we show society the situation that animals suffer, always from an antispeciesist perspective.


Animals' View take a stand against any of the injustices that our societies suffer, but we focus on the injustice suffered by animals because it is the one that causes the most victims in the world. It is not a small difference; we are talking about figures that exceed every day that of any war with human victims. Moreover, the discrimination suffered by animals is completely normalized throughout the world, and their oppression has, in the vast majority of cases, legal protection.

Desde From Animals' View, as an antispeciesist organization, we will be dedicated exclusively to disseminating works that expose the different consequences of this discrimination or that show ways to help animals, both those who are victims of human exploitation and those who live in the wild. 

It is a fact, moreover, that the animal advocacy movement is mostly made up of women, but we consider that they do not have enough visibility. For this reason from Animals' View we will try to give more prominence to their work.

In short, through this association we will show different visual perspectives in favor of the moral consideration of all animals.

Authors' rights

All Animals' View material can be used for free as long as the purpose of such use is the defense of animals from an antispeciesist perspective and attributing texts, photographs or videos to the association or to each author of them, both in print and digital media.

It is not allowed any kind of modification (retouching, editing or recompositing) in the photographs, videos or texts, the use of them for profit or any action that causes damage to any of the authors or to Animals’ View. Failure to comply with any of these points, the person responsible will be liable for damages.

To request photographic or video material for other use or in higher resolution, please contact us via email